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Hator Earthquake Optical Switch Gaming Keyboard Review

- Dec 19, 2018 -

Hator Earthquake Optical Switch Gaming Keyboard Review



Number of Keys:104
Type of Connection:USB
Polling Rate:1000 Hz
Backlight:RBG 16.8M Colors
Tilt Stand Adjustment:3 levels
Type of Switches:Kailh Optical Switches (Black or Blue)
Operating Life:80M Cycles
Operating Force:45g «+/-»10% for Kailh Black or 55g «+/-»10% for Kailh Blue
Delay Response:0.2 ms
Pre Travel:1.8 «+/-» 0,6 mm
Total Travel:3.6 «+/-» 0.6 mm
Layout Type:Laser Engraving
System Compatibility:Windows XP/7/10, Linux and Mac OS
Package Сontents:Hator Earthquake Keyboard, Device for changing switches, Manual
Additional Features:Metallic plate inside gives extreme durability
Additional Features:The ability to change the switches to another “color” or to combine them with each other