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White Switch On Mechanical Keyboard

White Switch On Mechanical Keyboard

We supply White switch of mechanical keyboard . We spent many years on research. Most markets in Europe and America. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner China.

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1. Introduction:

This white switch is our hot series product—BOX White Switch. We highly recommend  cause each switch has a box cover inside to prevent water or dust. Beyond that,it also has unique sound principle---spring.Our Box White waterproofing grade reach ip56 and has 24K golden touch technology.

BOX Swtich is the beginning,in the domestic fierce competition environment,Kailh want to supply the better product for u rather than the cost of competition.Domestic competition established the kailh switch for the confidence of the technological revolution,in this premise,a pseries of new type of shaft is forthcoming ,we want to make the user feel deeply Kailh switch is different. 

2. parameter specification:



3.product feature and application 

   Eg: The six-speed mechanical keyboard game keyboard, with 104 non-conflicting blue switches, offers six optional Blacklits for PC and Mac gamers.

As a strategic partner of Kailh Hexgears has always been a supplier of electronic technology innovation competion and user fridendly products,we focus on the game peripherals,all our product are based on performance of unique design and convincing.Since 2016,Hexgear has focused on a wide range of game mouse products,mechanical keyboards and game chairs to meet the diverse needs of games.


4.prodection details: 




5.Related Production

  We have a strong production line to ensure that enough is provided for you.


6.Deliver,ship and service .



FOB Port:EXW or by Air



Main Export Markets:

Asia Central/Soutch America

Mid East/Africa

Western Europe



In the past we attended many big exhibitions such as global sources exhibition,International Consumer Electronics Show,Taipei International Electronics Show.


2017 global sources exhibition


9.Lastest news

1)Kailh show our the new product Sun Switch PG1511B notebook switch pg1316 on Taipei Computex 2018.


2)Ajazz recently launched a lovely pictorial product,zero origin bluetooth wireless keyboard.Different from the previous products,the new ID design is adopted.And this Keyboard use Our another series switch--choc switch.Choc switch is our another famous switch,its handfeeling is well.


knowledge point

mini micro limit switch

Micro-switch generally with no auxiliary press attachment for the basic type, and derived from the small line program, large line program. Depending on the need to add different auxiliary press accessories, according to the different press auxiliary switch can be divided into buttons, reed roller, lever wheel type, short moving arm type, long moving arm type and other forms.        

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