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Red Switches For Mechanical Keyboard

Kailh BOX Switch Series--Red Switch ,PN: CPG1511F01S04,Linear,SMT Key Switch.

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Kailh BOX Red Switch


General specs:

  • Transparent top and milk bottom
  • Plate mount (3-pins)
  • Compatible with SMD LED and 3mm in-switch LEDs (see the guide below)
  • Installation guide on 3mm in-switch LEDs:
  • insert the LED and solder it onto the board BEFORE the switch


  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • >80M cycles lifespan
  • Faster actuation

Kailh BOX red:

  • Feel: linear
  • Similar to Cherry MX red (smoother)
  • Operation force: 45±10gf
  • Conduction travel: 1.80±0.3mm
  • Total travel: 3.60±0.3mm
  • Force diagram:
    kailh box red force diagram

 Box Switch Different Angle:




Application of Box Switch:

ElementDigital One Handed Gaming Keyboard T9X Mechanical Keypad Single Hand Gaming Pad Kailh Box Switch Ergonomic Palm Rest Fully Programmable Macro Keys RGB Backlight All Keys Roll-over




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