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Red Switch On Mechanical Keyboard

Red Switch On Mechanical Keyboard

We supply White switch of mechanical keyboard . We spent many years on research. Most markets in Europe and America. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner China.

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1. Introduction:

        This box switch is our hear series product--box red switch.We strongly recommend that each switch have a box cover to prevent water or dust.In addition,it has a unique sound principle--spring.Our box's waterproof rating is up to ip56 and we have 24K gold touch technology.

        Box switch is a start,In a competitive environment at home,Kailh wants to offer you better products.not the cost of competition.Domestic competition has established the confidence of  Kailh switch in the technological revolution.On this premise,a new set of shafts will be introduced.We want to make uses feel the difference of the Kailh switch.


2. parameter specification:



3.product feature and application 

   Eg: PHANTOM keyboard mechanical keyboard.This keyboard use our  Box switch and throught high quality manufacturing process,the past will only appear in the high-end mechanical keyboard specifications are standard,plus the whole field of brilliantly coloured RGB multistage design change,part of the price setting maintain a jar of cost-effective business philosophy,a high standard of mechanical keyboard is no longer difficult  to start.





4.prodection details: 

This is our box switch different angle pictures.




5.Related Our Production:

Our production line is strong enough to provided for you.




6.Something about Deliver Service .



7.Kailh Production:

Kailhua electronics was founded in 1990.We are spcialized in the design,development,production and sales of precision electronic and electrical switches,automotive electronic components and automotive components.

our hot product:switch,not only provide keyboard mechanical switch,but also low profile switch like choc switch,mini choc switch,nb switch…… we alse supply encoder for mouse switch,micro switch on mouse.Furtherly,our 1266 micro switch is hot sale.





8.Lastest news

1)Novelkeys X Kailh Box Pale Blue Axis

    Novelkeys X Kailh Box Pale Blue Axis,this is a heavy axis with a sharp double-click.


2)Sun Axis:Central Luminescent,Compatible with MX Keycap

At taipei computer shown,Kaihua showed off shaft:Sun Axis(PG1511B).The central luminescence design is adopted and the  compatibility with MX axis key caps can be achieved.



1)This is the our online shop code in Taobao in China,you can order the switch in it.There are some axis like Kailh KT axis,KS axis,choc axis,axis socket,box axis and so on.



2) If you want to know more about us,contact us.

                   marketing manager:  Bella Hwang





knowledge point

Miniature 12v micro switch


At present, the micro-switch in the domestic market according to the use of different requirements, the mechanical life of the switch has 3W to 1000W times, generally have 10W, 20W, 50W, 100W, 300W times, 500W times, 800W times, the general use of beryllium bronze, tin bronze, stainless steel wire to do reed, Foreign Alps can do the highest 1000W times, their reed is made of rare metal titanium. Domestic Take-off electronics produced by the highest wk-01b can also reach 1000W times.    

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