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Heavy Pale Blue Switches

Kailh BOX Switch Series--Brown Switch ,PN: CPG1511F01S06,Clicky,SMT Key Switch. This custom made switch features the same stems as the BOX white Switch, with a custom color and heavier spring.

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Pale Blue Switches For Mechanical Keyboard



    Name   :Kailh BOX Pale Blue Switch

    Series :Kailh BOX Heavy Switch Series

    Part.No :CPG1511F01S06

    Type    :Clicky

    Keycap color: Pale Blue

    Operating Force   :    60±15gf

    Tactile  Force    :    70±10gf

    Actuation Travel:   1.8mm±0.3mm

    Total Trave        :   3.6mm±0.3mm

    Mechanical Life :   80,000,000 Cycles(Min)

    Appearance      :13.9mm X 15.6mm X 15.0mm



         This custom made switch features the same stems as the BOX Pale Blue switch, with a custom color and heavier spring.   

Compared to BOX White(      Operating Force:   45±10gf       , Tactile  Force    :    55±10gf        )                         


  •  BOX switches are IP56 waterproof/dustproof. Only SMD compatible. Not compatible with other LEDS.

  •  In use worldwide for Original keyboards and in keyboards of demanding input device manufacturers

  • Hand Feeling:Click pressure point, key stroke with tactile and audible contact feedback.


Box Pale Blue Switch Detail:


Compared to BOX White: 


   CPG1511F01S06( BOX  pale blue switches) LEFT                                     CPG1511F01S02(BOX white switches) RIGHT


  Profile Dimensions:


Application of Box Switch:

    HITSAN Motospeed CK98 Kailh BOX Switch 104 Keys NKRO USB Wired RGB Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard One Piece  



· Support 14 kinds cool LED backlight

· Full keyboard without conflict, fast response

· All mechanical switches, professional e-sports players standard equipment

· Multimedia function key combination, work game balance

· Free of EEPROM memory, adopt Flash memory chip

· Quick WIN, avoid fighting game by accident and cut out the desktop

· Dimension: 429x141x36mm

· Weight: 840g±20g


(More Detail Click The Picture )



Other  Kailh BOX Heavy Switch 



Dark Yellow Switch

(same stem as the Red)

Burnt Orange Switch

(same stem as the White)





Operating Force:

70±10 gf60±15 gf 

Tactile Force:

-70±10 gf 
Conduction Travel:1.8mm±0.3mm1.8mm±0.3mm 
Appearance:13.9mm X 15.6mm X15.0 mm13.9mm X 15.6mm X15.0 mm 
Total Travel:3.6±0.3mm3.6±0.3mm 
Mechanical Life:80,000,000 Cycles(Min)80,000,000 Cycles(Min) 



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