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Choc White Switch On Laptop

Choc White Switch On Laptop

1. Introduction: Kailh chocolate axis (Choc Switch) is based on "BOX technology" of a mechanical Switch, can be used in the mechanical keyboard, Mini chocolate axis (Choc Switch Mini) is thinner than chocolate axis, can be applied to the laptop keyboard.Both products break the...

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Choc White Switch On Laptop

PG1350, also called Kailh Chocolate Switch or Kailh Choc Switch is a series of low-profile metal contact switches from Kailh.

The keycap mount is inspired by Kailh switch but the two types are not compatible.

Likely due to the size, the switch contacts are not the scaled-down Cherry-style contacts as found in SteelSeries QS1; the movable contact instead uses lateral movement. As the size prohibits the use of a click collar, a "click bar" is used instead, which is a rod spring that is pushed aside in a manner similar to that of a click leaf.


Keyboards Manufacturers

  • Azio MK-C

  • Sharkoon Purewriter, DAREU EK820, Havit HV-KB390L and HV-KB395L, in full-size and tenkeyless, some with RGB backlighting and some only with blue. Probably the same OEM

Back at Computex 2016, we got our first glimpse of Kaihua’s low-profile PG1350 switches. At Computex 2017, the company showed off three new low-profile designs: the PG1232, which is strikingly similar to the PG1350 line, and two scissor switch-type variations, the PG1425 and PG1442.

That’s a lot of low-profile switches, and bear in mind that those are not linear/tactile/clicky variations. Those are distinct designs, each of which has (or could have) linear/tactile/clicky versions. It seems that Kaihua is creating several designs to see which ones work best and will stick with users when deployed on shipping keyboards.

For example, the PG1232 and PG1350 are more or less iterations of one another, so it’s possible that Kaihua is just feeling out the market with them.


clicky feeling

1.5mm pre travel

3.0mm total travel

Kailh Choc white In-kind Shooting &detail

kailh choc white switch

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