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Clicky Mechanical Blue Switch

Kailh KH Series--Blue Switch,PN: CPG128001S02,Clicky,SMT Key Switch.

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Information about the KAILH PG1280 SERIES KH agile swich

Switch typeClicky; tactile; linear
Sense methodMetal leaf
Rated lifetime50 M
Actuation force45±10 gf
Pretravel1.8±0.5 mm
Total travel3.5±0.5 mm
Keycap mountMX mount
Switch mountPlate mount

PG1280 is a series of metal contact switches from Kailh. Based on the product photographs, it appears to have Cherry MX-style switch contacts. The product colours of red, blue and brown imply linear, clicky and tactile versions. a total travel distance of 3.5mm and an actuation of 1.5mm with a tactile level of 3. The switch has a rated 60 million keystrokes and 1000 Hz ultra pooling rate. There are two types of switches available to choose from, the red and the blue as well as the brown

Kailh PG1280 (Tesoro Agile Switch) is interesting. It’s a low profile switch with a Cherry MX compatible stem. These aren’t as widely advertised as the other switches I’ve talked about. In fact I encountered this as part of the packaged keyboard in the Acer Predator computers. Other than that, the only other place to find this switch is on the Tesoro Gram Spectrum. Tesoro calls them their Agile switches.

So these have an MX stem, so any keycap on any of your MX keyboards will fit. The switches are also PCB compatible, Only if you snip off the PCB mounting pins. Even then it’s somewhat of a tight fit. Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone has made an aftermarket plate to accommodate these switches. Once again, it uses a clickbar mechanism to do the click.

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