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Pro Sage Switch

Pro Sage Switch

Kailh PRO Switch Series---Sage Switch ,Clicky,DIP

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Kailh Pro Sage Switch

"speed” switches, and four are designed to be waterproof and dustproof--handy for sloppy gamers, sure, but ideal for industrial environments

Kaihua, though, saw fit to create four "speed" switches: Gold, Silver, Copper, and--well the name of the last one is actually debatable. In a document we acquired, the fourth switch is referred to as “Platinum,” but the online listing calls it “Thick Gold.” We’re going to operate under the assumption that the published listing is probably correct, but it is interesting to see that Kaihua was likely fiddling with the name up until the last minute. (Of note: There’s nothing extra thick about the Thick Gold switch.)

One could argue that the final decision (Thick Gold) and the penultimate option (Platinum) are equally problematic. The colors of platinum and silver are too similar, as are the colors of gold and, er, gold. However, the Thick Gold is actually not quite gold; it’s more of a light brown--bronze, perhaps. In fact, our friends at the Input Club skipped Kaihua’s confusing nomenclature altogether and called the Platinum/Thick Gold switch “Bronze.”

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