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Low-Profile Kailh Switches

- Aug 21, 2018 -

Let The Competition Roll 

Low-Profile Kailh Switches

There’s now bona fide competition in the low-profile switch market. Cherry announced its first post-Cherry ML low-profile switch, alongside several prototype keyboards from various partners, and of course TTC is still making a play, mostly via Tesoro’s keyboards (which we also got a sneak peek of at CES). Kaihua, for its part, has only so many designs with its low-profile switches in the wild--we know of one or two community projects, plus a few shipping keyboards that we’ve covered--but it’s certainly leading the pack when it comes to rapidly developing and prototyping new designs.

Below is a table with our most up-to-date information on Kaihua’s low-profile switches. We still do not have full specifications on some of them, and as stated above, a couple are only theoretical because we’ve seen only images and no prototypes.

Kaihua Low-Profile SwitchesPG1350 (Choc)PG1232 (Mini Choc)PG1442PG1425PG1421PG1325
TypeLinear, tactile, clickyClickyLinear, clickyClicky, tactile----
Actuation Point1.5mm (+/-0.5mm)1.2mm (+/-0.5mm)1.4mm (+/-0.3mm)------
Actuation Force50gf50gf50gf (+/-10gf)------
Pressure Point Force60gf60gf55gf------
ActionStandardStandardScissor (vertical slider)Scissor (horizontal slider)Scissor (horizontal slider)Metal plate with spring
LED LocationTop of switch housingTop of switch housingCenterTop of switch housingCenter (?)Top of switch housing
Total Travel3mm (+/-0.5mm)2.4mm (+/-0.5mm)2.7(+/-0.2mm)------