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CPJ1612 series is the biggest size joystick potentiometer

- Sep 14, 2018 -

CPJ1612 series is the biggest size joystick  potentiometer among PS’ products. Its overall size is 16mm*16mm*7.5mm (handle is not included). Separated spring force for X-aixs and Y-aixs design can provide great ha nd feeling with no wobble of the lever. Now CPJ1612 series is most widely used in drone remote controller. CPJ1612 series is our most-re commend joystick for drone remote controller, which is independently developed by PS and has 1 patent. We have built full set tooling for this model. Accuracy of lever reset position has reached a very high level. The normal resistance is 5KΩ and 10KΩ. 80°& 333° is alternative option for the angle of joystick. We also can make some parameter change depend on different application. CPJ1612 series has been proved highly accuracy and good reliability so far. We hope more and more drone manufacture to know and use our big-joystick in future. We are here to serve you…