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Black Switches For Mechanical Keyboard

Kailh BOX Switch Series--Black Switch ,PN: CPG1511F01S05,Linear,SMT Key Switch.

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               Name                  :   Kailh BOX Black Switch

               Series                  :  Kailh BOX Switch Series

               PN                       :  CPG1511F01S05       

               Type                    :  Linear

               Color                   :  Black

              Operating Force  :  60±10 gf

              Tactile Force        :  Without Tactile Force         




     Application: Black Switches For Kailh Memorial Keyboard

  • Hand Feeling:Without pressure point, linear actuation - switching function with a defined force of approx.

         These Kailh box switches have stems which are surrounded by a “box”  which provides two functions.
         First of all, it keeps liquids, dirt, and dust from getting into the  switches. This is especially important when the keycaps are taken off of a  board and the switches are left “naked” for a time.
         Second, the surrounding “box” supports the stem during the keypress and  therefore restricts the stem from any horizontal movement, or “wobble” when  moving downwards and when the switch is fully depressed.
         Box switches are rated IP56 water resistant and have a lifespan of 80  million keystrokes.Third,Kailh Box switch are not compatible  MX .
         Fourth,Our BOX switch not only in use for original keyboards all over the world,but alse in keyboards of demanding input device manufacturers.



Different Angle of BOX Switch:




Kailh BOX  Switches Series Compare

  Kailh Blue Switch

Kailh Brown Switch

Kailh Red Switch Kailh Black Switch

Shipping  Information: 

We usually  ship it by DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx or EMS  as well as Air cargo and sea shipping. It usually takes 3-7 days to  arrive.

Packagin Information:

The MOQ package quantity: 1000pcs/ box(inside package)
4000pcs/CTN(out package)





Kailh BOX  Linear Switches 

  Kailh Box Red Switch

Kailh Box Black Switch

Kailh Box Dark Yellow Switch  






  • SNK Tech JACKPOT TURKEY KB1 Kailh Box Switch RGB LED Gaming Keyboard, Water Resistance, NKEY-Rollover (English/Korean Layout Side Printing) Red Metal Color


                Model Name: JACKPOT TURKEY KB1 

                Color: Red Metal

                Switch Type: Kailh Box Switch (White)

                Switch Life: Up to 80M Times

                Key Material: PBT

                Connection: USB (Gold Plated)

                Size: 457.5 x 154 x 33 mm

                Weight: 1280g



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Our exhibition  experience:



     Kailh, also known as Kaihua Electronics, is a major China-based switch manufacturer. Since its founding in 1990, the company has expanded its presence all over the globe. Not only do its in-house Kailh switches compete directly against the Cherry MX, Kaihua also build custom switches for peripheral partners.



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