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SMT Blue Switch Keyboard

Kailh KT Switch Series--Blue Switch ,Clicky,SMT Key Switch.

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SMT Blue Switch Keyboard CPG151801S  Blue switch

Buy SMT blue switch keyboard from Kaihua Electronics - one of the China's leading manufacturers and suppliers of various SMT blue switch keyboard. For more info, contact our factory now.

Product Specification:
 Brand: Kailh
 Switch mount: Plate mount
 Switch type: clicky
 Actuation Force: 50±10gf
 Actuation Travel: 4.0±0.5mm  
 Mechanical life: 50million cycles                      
 NEW Kaihua Kailh blue Switches with MX stems with 1.9mm  pre-travel. 

Kailh switches are mechanical keyboard switches manufactured by  Kailh, or Kaihua Electronics Co. Kailh is one of the most well known Cherry MX switch manufacturers with a number of well known keyboard manufacturers  such as SteelSeries, Tesoro, Noppoo, QPAD, Nixeus and ThermalTake employing  Kailh switches. Some keyboard manufacturers such as Razer and SteelSeries  co-develop switches with Kailh in order to offer a more unique product to their  customers.
 In addition to mechanical keyboard switches, Kailh also  manufactures mouse switches, relays, and other components typically used in  peripherals. Kailh mouse switches are very popular as side button switches as  they’re cheaper than the gold standard Omron mouse switches, but are not as  durable.


Common Kailh Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Kailh Red
 Actuation Force (g): 50
 Actuation Distance (mm): 2.2
 Full Travel Distance (mm): 4
 Lifespan: 50 Million
 Other Characteristics: Clicky
 Kailh Black
 Actuation Force (g): 60
 Actuation Distance (mm): 2.2
 Full Travel Distance (mm): 4
 Lifespan: 50 Million
 Other Characteristics: Linear (Silent)
 Kailh Brown
 Actuation Force (g): 60
 Actuation Distance (mm): 2.2
 Full Travel Distance (mm): 4
 Lifespan: 50 Million
 Other Characteristics: Tactile Bump
 Kailh Blue
 Actuation Force (g): 60
 Actuation Distance (mm): 2.2
 Full Travel Distance (mm): 4
 Lifespan: 50 Million
 Other Characteristics: Tactile Bump, Clicky

 Compatible with MX stem keycaps and SMD LEDs
 Transparent top with white bottom
 Plate mount

Pattern angle pictures





Shipping &package Information:

We usually ship it by DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx or EMS  and Air cargo and sea shipping. It usually takes 3-7 days to arrive.
We have long-term cooperation  with freight forwarding company, they will provide us the lowest quotation with  the best service.

The MOQ package quantity: 1000pcs/ box

Factory and office views 

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1.Question: What is the kailh gold switch  feeling?

Answer: Clicky feeling, when you click it once on the  upstroke. A high-pitched, crisp click, light, precise and utterly unique

2.Question: What is the difference between  kailh silver switch and kailh copper switch?

Answer: quite similar to the kailh silver switch, only  these are tactile, so even though it’s speed the same in terms of actuation  force, to our fingers these switches felt heavier than the silver.

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