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Heavy Burnt Orange Switches

Kailh BOX Heavy Switch Series--Burnt Orange Switch ,PN: CPG1511F01S07,Linear,SMT Key Switch. This custom made switch features the same stems as the BOX brown switch, with a custom color and heavier spring.

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    Name   :Kailh BOX Brunt Orange Switch

    Series :Kailh BOX Heavy Switch Series

    Part.No :CPG1511F01S07

     Type    :Tactile

     Keycap color: Burnt Orange

     Operating Force:   60±15gf

     Tactile  Force    :    70±10gf

     Actuation Travel:   1.8mm±0.3mm

     Total Trave        :   3.6mm±0.3mm

     Mechanical Life :   80,000,000 Cycles(Min)

     Appearance      :13.9mm X 15.6mm X 15.0mm

              This custom made switch features the same stems as the BOX brown switch, with a custom color and heavier spring.   

Compared to BOX brown(      Operating Force:   50±10gf       , Tactile  Force    :    60±10gf        )                         


  •  Our product have patents.
  •  In use worldwide for Original keyboards ,but keycap is not compatible with other MX.
  • Hand Feeling:Without pressure point, linear firm actuation – switching function with a defined force of approx. 
  • Protecting cover inside to resistant to dust and dirt
  • Multi-choice diode or LED mounted.



 Box Burnt Orange Switch Detail:




BOX Burnt Orange Switch   Profile Dimensions:      :

 Other  Kailh BOX Heavy Switch  


Dark Yellow Switch

(same stem as the Red)

Pale Blue Switch

(same stem as the White)


PN: CPG1511F01S07 CPG1511F01S06  
Type: Linear



Operating Force:

70±10 gf 60±15 gf  

Tactile Force:

- 70±10 gf  
Conduction Travel: 1.8mm±0.3mm 1.8mm±0.3mm  
Appearance: 13.9mm X 15.6mm X15.0 mm 13.9mm X 15.6mm X15.0 mm  
Total Travel: 3.6±0.3mm 3.6±0.3mm  
Mechanical Life: 80,000,000 Cycles(Min) 80,000,000 Cycles(Min)  





We usually  ship it by DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx or EMS. It  usually takes 3-7 days to arrive. Air cargo and sea shipping are also optional.
 Besides, we accept the payment methods: TT/PAYPAL/WESTERN UNIO

The MOQ package quantity: 1000pcs/ box ,4000pcs/CTN



Comparre to BOX Brown Switch



             CPG1511F01S07( BOX Heavy Burnt Orange) LEFT                       CPG1511F01S03(BOX BROWN switches) RIGHT      


Application of Box Switch:

   Various keyboards  such as computer keyboard, meter box,digital keyboard, POS machine ,cash  register ,medical equipment ,musical instruments such as accordion electric  guitar ,stage control equipment etc.





        Brand            :Phantom

        Model Name:SCPH1708ST

        Switch            : Kailh

        LED                :RGB Color LED

        Keycap Material    :  PBT

        Legend Printing    :  Double-Shot

        Size                        : 460 X 154 X 34 mm

        Weight                   : 1160 g

        Origin of Production: Taiwan


    (More Detail Click The Picture )





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