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White Switches For Mechanical Keyboard

White Switches For Mechanical Keyboard

Kailh BOX Switch Series

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Kailh Blue Switches For Mechanical Keyboard


Product Name :  Kailh BOX Switch

Type :  Clicky

PN  :  CPG1511F01S02

Operating Force : 60±10 gf

Tactile Force : 55±10 gf

Pretravel:  1.8±0.3 mm

Total Travel :  3.6±0.3 mm

Size:   13.9mm X 15.6mm X 15.0 mm

Lifespan:80,000,000 Cycles(Min)


  •  BOX switches are IP56 waterproof/dustproof. Only SMD compatible. Not compatible with other LEDS.
  •  In use worldwide for Original keyboards and in keyboards of demanding input device manufacturers
  • Hand Feeling:Click pressure point, key stroke with tactile and audible contact feedback.

Different Angle of BOX Switch:

  image001(1)1.png  image003(1)1.png  image005(1)1.png


Kailh BOX  Switches Series

  Kailh Blue Switch

Kailh Brown Switch

Kailh Red Switch Kailh Black Switch

PN: CPG1511F01S02 CPG1511F01S03 CPG1511F01S04 CPG1511F01S05
Type: Clicky Tactile Linear Linear

Operating Force:

45±10 gf

50±15 gf 45±10 gf 60 ±10 gf

Tactile Force:

55±10 gf 60±15 gf -- --
Conduction Travel: 1.8mm±0.3mm 1.8mm±0.3mm 1.8mm±0.3mm 1.8mm±0.3mm
Appearance: 13.9mm X 15.6mm X15.0 mm 13.9mm X 15.6mm X15.0 mm 13.9mm X 15.6mm X15.0 mm 13.9mm X 15.6mm X15.0 mm
Total Travel: 3.6±0.3mm 3.6±0.3mm 3.6±0.3mm 3.6±0.3mm
Mechanical Life: 80,000,000 Cycles(Min) 80,000,000 Cycles(Min) 80,000,000 Cycles(Min) 80,000,000 Cycles(Min)





We usually  ship it by DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx or EMS. It  usually takes 3-7 days to arrive. Air cargo and sea shipping are also optional.
 Besides, we accept the payment methods: TT/PAYPAL/WESTERN UNIO

The MOQ package quantity: 1000pcs/ box ,4000pcs/CTN




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