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RGB Keyboard Red Switches

Kailh RGB Switch Series--Red Switch,PN: CPG151101D93,Linear,DIP Key Switch.

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CPG151101D93  RGB red switch

Kailh 1511 RGB Series


Mechanical  Keyboard Switch Types

Based on their characteristics, there  are basically three types of switches: Linear switches, tactile switches and  clicky switches.
 Linear switches are the simplest ones. They feel  the same from the moment you start pressing the key until bottoming out.  There is no tactile feedback or noise when hitting the actuation point (the  point where the keypress gets registered – usually somewhere in the middle).  So, most of the time, you will probably bottom out on each key press.

 Manufacturer: Kailhua
 Brand: kailh
 Switch mount: Plate mount
 Sense method: Metal leaf
 Switch type: linear
 Keycap mount: not compatible with MX  switch cap
 Rating: 12V AC/DC max. 2V DC min. 10mA AC/DC max. 10μA DC min
 Insulation resistance: ≥100MΩ/DC 500V                    
 Withstand voltage: 100V AC 1 Minute
 Actuation Force: 50±10gf
 Actuation Travel: 4.0±0.5mm  
 Mechanical life: 50million cycles                      
 Pattern angle pictures




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1.Question: what’s kailh brown switch actuator force?

Answer: 50±10gf

2.Question: what’s  kailh brown switch lifespan?

Answer: 70M Cycles (min)

3.Question: what’s  kailh PG1511 Series switch pre-travel?

Answer: 1.9mm±0.4mm

4.Question: Whether  kailh red switch is heavy than MX red switch?

Answer: yes,MX red switch is 45±15gf;kailh red switch is  50±10gf

5.Question: what’s  kailh box swit

6.Question: what’s  kailh box switch pre-travel?

Answer: 1.8mm±0.3mm

7.Question: what’s  kailh gold switch pre-travel?

Answer: 1.4mm±0.3mm

8.Question: where  is the kailh bronze switch clicky theory?

Answer: the clicy bar

9.Question: What  is the difference between Kailh blue and the Cherry MX blue ?



Last news:

Modular Kailh mechanical  keyswitches on the way

Chinese  manufacturer Kaihua makes the popular budget Kailh mechanical  keyswitches for computer keyboards. Being in the shadow of industry dominator  Cherry, and perhaps even Razer, Kaihua has invested in a new initiative which  could perhaps provide it with some limelight. According to a recent report on  Tom's Hardware Kaihua has designed some modular mechanical keyswitches and has  at least one product design win which will come kitted out with a set  of these switches.


The scope of the modularity on offer from the new Kailh mechanical keyswitches  means that users can not only change the keycaps, they can change the mechanism  on a per-key basis too. So you can buy a keyboard decked out with red-type  switches and change the WASD cluster to browns, for example. Kailh will be  offering modular red, blue and brown-type switches initially. A diagram and  overview of the blue shaft modular switches is shown below (click to zoom in).



As noted by Tom's it would be a rather laborious, and probably  costly, exercise to swap all your keys between one type and another so this  modularity is probably intended for adjusting the feel of just certain banks  and clusters of keys.
So far just one mechanical keyboard is known to employ the new modular Kailh  keyswitches, the G Master Mk1 from B.Friend. This looks like a decent  gaming keyboard (for about £60) with monochrome backlighting, fast polling,  anti-ghosting, and a long braided USB connector cable. However I can't find any  reference to modular keys on the product info page (Google translate the text  but not the promo graphics on the page, of course).
Would such modular key functionality appeal to HEXUS readers?


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