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Pale Blue Switch

Pale Blue Switch

Dark Yellow Switch Kailh Low-Profile Heavy Switches Linear Switch P/N: CPG135001D01-1 Manufacturer: Kailh Switch type: tactile Keycap mount: Proprietary Rating: 12V AC/DC max. 2V DC min . 10mA AC/DC max. 10μA DC min Actuation Force: 50±10gf Pre-travel:1.9±0.5mm Actuation Travel:...

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Kailh Choc Pale Blue For Mechanical Keyboard

Kailh Choc Pale Blue Low Profile Switch 

Clicky Mechanical Keyboard Switches With 50 million lifespan.






Detail of choc pale blue switch

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Application:havit hv-KB390L Mechanical Keyboard Adopts the latest Kailh Blue Switches

                   Makes the extraordinarily thin and light design of mechanical keyboard possile.



Great Choice for Both Games and Office:
     1. 7mm shorter switch height than traditional mechanical keyboard; 6mm ultra-thin suspended keycaps, 3mm key travel and 1.4mm response distance, offers a shorter travel distance, more accurate actuation, delivering precision and lightning speed performance.
    2. Unique Ice Blue LED Light,enjoy games and typing at night.
    3. Multiple Customizing Backlight Modes, Fn+F1-F5 for Customizing, Fn+F12 for Saving Your Setting, Fn+F6-F11 for Presetting Modes
    4. User-friendly Design, Driver Free, Plug & Play, with detachable USB to micro cable, convenient and portable.
    5. All 87 keys of N-key Rollover, ensure great gaming experience.
    6. Fully Compatible with: Win 10/8/7/Vista/ME/Mac/Linux/IBM PC

Company information:      

Kailh is a  famous switch inc ,and  also take part in many electronic expo every year.If you want to know more switch documentary ,you can read our page about us.



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Q1.How will you control product quality?
We strictly control every detail of production, and every product is inspected by our QC teambefore delivery. Moreover,our production abide by ISO9000, 3C, CE and FCC, UL, ROHS, CQC, VDE.

Q2.What about terms of payment?
Payment terms: T/T, Paypal, and L/C etc.

Q3.Do kailh switch the same with cherry mx brown keyboard switch?
No,kailh researsh for switch,and their switch have different structure.


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