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Jade Switch

Jade Switch

Dark Yellow Switch Kailh Low-Profile Heavy Switches Linear Switch P/N: CPG135001D01-1 Manufacturer: Kailh Switch type: tactile Keycap mount: Proprietary Rating: 12V AC/DC max. 2V DC min . 10mA AC/DC max. 10μA DC min Actuation Force: 50±10gf Pre-travel:1.9±0.5mm Actuation Travel:...

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Jade Switch

Kailh Low-Profile Heavy Switches

Clicky Switch

Choc  Jade features the same spring as the Choc White, but with a thicker clickbar.




 P/N: CPG135001D03-2
 Manufacturer: Kailh
 Switch type: Clicky
 Keycap mount: Proprietary
 Rating: 12V AC/DC max. 2V DC min . 10mA AC/DC max.  10μA DC min
 Actuation Force: 50±10gf
 Actuation Travel: 3.0±0.5mm  
 Mechanical life: 10million cycles                      
 Payment method: TT/PAYPAL/WETERN UNIO











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