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Pale Blue Speed Switch

Pale Blue Speed Switch

Kailh KS Switch Series---Pale Blue Switch,PN:CPG151101D220,Clicky,DIP Key Switch. This custom made switch features the same stems as the Speed Brozen Switch series, with a custom color and heavier spring.

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Pale Blue Speed Switch

 Kailh Pale Blue Speed Switch has the same stems as Kailh Speed Brozen, with a custom color and heavier spring.

 Name:Kailh Pale Blue Speed Heavy Switches for gaming keyboard

(  same stem as the Speed Brozen.  





 Manufacturer          : Kailh
 Switch mount         : Plate mount
 Switch type            : tactile      Rating:  12V AC/DC max. 2V DC min .

          10mA AC/DC max. 10μA DC min.

 Insulation  resistance : 100MΩ/DC 500V                    
 Withstand  voltage     : 100V AC 1 Minute
 Mechanical  life       : 50 million cycles  (Min)
 Actuation  Force       : 70±15 gf
 Tactile Force         :   -
 Pre-travel              :1.1±0.4mm
 Actuator  Travel      :3.5±0.4mm                      


Profile Dimensions:13.95mm X 15.6mm X 15.25 mm


Composition of KS Heavy Switch




 Mainly applied on computer keyboards,cash registers,industrial  equipment and Man-Machine interfaces. 



Pattern Angle 




Shipping &package Information:

We ship it by DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx or EMS.  It usually takes 3-7 days to arrive. 



The MOQ package quantity: 1000pcs/ box


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