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Mechanical Keyboard Purple Switches

Kailh Speed Switch Series--Purple Switch ,PN: CPG151101D222,Tactile,DIP Key Switch.

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Series:Kailh Pro Switches


 Name: Kailh MX switches 3 pin  Black Red Brown Blue Shaft Replacement For Cherry Switch for Mechanical  keyboard (Blue)

P/N: CPG151101D222
 Manufacturer: Kailh
 Switch type: tactile
 Keycap mount: Proprietary
 Rating: 12V AC/DC max. 2V DC min . 10mA AC/DC max.  10μA DC min
 Actuation Force: 50±10gf
 Actuation Travel: 4.0±0.5mm  
 Mechanical life: 70million cycles                      
 Payment method: TT/PAYPAL/WETERN UNIO

NEW Kaihua Kailh Pro Switches with MX stems with 1.7mm  pre-travel. 

  • Compatible  with MX stem keycaps and SMD LEDs

  • Transparent  top with white bottom

  • Plate  mount

Stems offered:

  • Kailh  Pro Aqua - 50g Tactile Clicky

  • Kailh  Pro Burgundy - 50g Linear

  • Kailh  Pro Purple - 50g Tactile


 Various  keyboards such as computer keyboard, , POS machine, cash register, medical  equipment, musical instruments, such as accordion electric guitar, stage  control equipment etc.

Pattern angle


image001(001).jpg image003(001).jpg








Factory facilities view:

image022.jpg image024.jpg


image026.jpg image028.jpg


image020.jpg image021.jpg


image023.jpg image025.jpg


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Question: Whether your company has any agent or distributor ?

Answer: Nope, we directly sell it from kailhua factory

Question: Where  I can buy the kailh switch?

Answer: please visit our official website
Answer: the clicy bar

Question: What  is the difference between Kailh blue and the Cherry MX blue ?


Question: What  is the kailh gold switch feeling?

Answer: Clicky feeling, when you click it once on the  upstroke. A high-pitched, crisp click, light, precise and utterly unique

Question: How  does your company transport the goods ?

Answer: Customers arranges the forwarder to pick it up  or our company will assist you, but the freight needs to be paid by your  company

Question: Is  it possible for us to customize the keyboard switch ?

Answer: yeah, the premise is we needs to negotiate with  our engineers and your company must satisfy our MOQ

Question: Is the product environmental protection


Contact Us:       

Dongguan City Kaihua  Electronics CO., LTD

No.1.Lindong 2 Road,Lincun,Tangxia  Town,Dongguan,Guangdong, China

Tel: 86-0769-87915858

Fex: 86-755-87915848


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