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Dark Yellow Speed Switch

Dark Yellow Speed Switch

Kailh KS Switch Series---Dark Yellow Switch,PN:CPG151101D219,Linear,DIP Key Switch. This custom made switch features the same stems as the Speed Silver Switch, with a custom color and heavier spring.

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Dark Yelloe Speed Switch

 Name:Kailh Dark Yellow Speed Heavy Switches for gaming keyboard

(  same stem as the Speed Silver.  



 Manufacturer          : Kailh
 Switch mount         : Plate mount
 Switch type            : Linear4.jpg

        Rating:  12V AC/DC max. 2V DC min .

                    10mA AC/DC max. 10μA DC min.

 Insulation  resistance : 100MΩ/DC 500V                    
 Withstand  voltage     : 100V AC 1 Minute
 Mechanical  life          : 50 million cycles  (Min)
 Actuation  Force        : 70±15 gf
 Tactile Force             :   -
 Pre-travel                 :1.1±0.4mm
 Actuator  Travel        :3.5±0.4mm                      



Profile Dimensions:13.95mm X 15.6mm X15.25 mm







 Mainly applied on computer keyboards,cash registers,industrial  equipment and Man-Machine interfaces. 



  Holding Over 25 Years of Experience
Founded in 1990, Kaihua Electronics is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D, production and sale of various electronic switches, jacks, encoders and sockets such as mechanical keyboard switches, joysticks, push button switches, illuminated switches, waterproof switches, micro switches, tact switches, slide switches, detector switches, toggle switches, rocker switches, dip switches, miniature jacks and USB connectors. They are marketed under our own brand - Kailh, Longhua and Lofair.
One of our popular products is the illuminated switch. We have various structures and colors for fixed-stands and covers. Customers may choose any color LED and we can assemble it with either DIP or SMT. Buttons are tactile type, which means haptics are remarkable. Also, customers may design the outer assembly parts according to their requirements.


Pattern angle 











Shipping &package Information:

We ship it by DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx or EMS.  It usually takes 3-7 days to arrive. 



The MOQ package quantity: 1000pcs/ box





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